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We answer all the questions you have in mind with our content, where we compiled and explain things you should do during, before and after a wedding dress appointment.

What Sort of Underwear Should I Choose for Wedding Dress Fitting?

In order to experience a more comfortable wedding dress rehearsal, we recommend you to choose strapless-cut and the skin-colored underwear.

Should I Bring Shoes for Wedding Dress Fitting?

All wedding dress changing rooms include trial shoes. However, after deciding on your wedding dress, you can choose the shoes you want to wear from the collection in our stores in order to adjust the skirt length during subsequent rehearsals or you can bring your own bridal shoes.

Can I Wear Make-up before the Bridal Fitting Appointment?

Depending on your preference, you can come up with a simple makeup.

Approximately How Long Does the Wedding Dress Fitting Last and How Many Days Does It Take to Complete?

Trying on the selections of your wedding dress can take up to 1 hour. The duration of the necessary modifications to be made to your selected wedding dress may vary depending on the embroidery to be performed. Your style advisor and tailor team will be providing the most accurate information on this subject.

Is it possible to make the fitting of the dress in another store than where I bought my wedding dress?

You can contact our all stores about the fitting of your wedding dress. You will get alteration service according to our alteration procedures.

Can I get bridal gown appointment service for the wedding dress which I bought via

You can visit our stores for bridal gown appointment services. The fitting will be done according our alteration procedures. Alteration of our dresses which you bought via 3rd parties can only be done in below Oleg Cassini stores: İstanbul: Cevahir AVM Ankara: Armada AVM Bursa: Anatolium AVM İzmit: 41 Burda AVM İzmir: Optimum AVM Antalya: Terracity AVM Adana: M1 AVM

How to Make a Wedding Dress Appointment?

1. You can make an online appointment by filling the information on Oleg Cassini appointment page.

2. In addition to the online appointment, you can make your wedding dress appointment by contacting our stores by phone.

Wedding appointments made through the appointment page and stores are free of charge. In the period after the wedding dress appointment is created, a discount of 10% is applied for in-season wedding dress purchases in all Oleg Cassini stores. The discount does not apply to short term campaigns.

When Should I Make My Wedding Dress Appointment?

We recommend you to make your appointment 3 months before your wedding date and make a wedding dress rehearsal.

How to Change, Postpone or Cancel the Time of Wedding Dress Appointment?

For appointments made through the Oleg Cassini Appointments page and the store, the appointment time can be changed by contacting the store from which the appointment has been made.

The appointment can be postponed to the appropriate day and time or cancelled.

All these processes are quick and free of charge, just like creating a wedding dress appointment.

What is the Date and Time Range for Wedding Dress Appointment?

The date and time range for wedding dress appointment varies according to the program of the store where the appointment will be made.

While making the appointment, you can see availability by selecting the store, appointment date and appointment hours.

Bridal Gown Appointment Form

What Should I Pay Attention to While Going to the Wedding Dress Appointment?

As our style advisors provide their services on a personal basis, it is important that you have made a wedding dress appointment before you go to the store.
Before going a wedding dress appointment, we recommend that you check out all the wedding dresses that are suitable for your body type and wedding concept, and share all the details you keep in mind with our style advisor.

Can I Bring Someone with Me While Coming to a Wedding Dress Appointment?

When choosing a wedding dress, we recommend that you come with 1 or 2 people whose opinion and taste you care about.

What is the Style Advisory Service in Wedding Dresses Appointment?

Our style advisors provide support for the brides-to-be to choose the suitable wedding dress model based on the body type, style and wedding concept.
In addition to choosing all accessories, they also offer advice on hair and makeup.

What are the Tailor Services in the Stores?

Our specialist tailor-made services many wedding dress modification service such as adding sleeves or straps to the wedding dress making changes to neck or skirt details, adding applique or You can receive support from our expert tailor staff and style consultants in all matters within the period between receiving the wedding dress up to your wedding day.

Do you have alteration service for the covered bridal gowns?

Our tailors gives services for covered bridal gowns. Please click here for further information here about.

What are the Processes after Purchasing a Wedding Dresses from Oleg Cassini?

You can have the skirt-shortening, taking in modifications carried out free of charge for season wedding dresses.
After all the modifications are finished and you receive your wedding dress, you can consult with our style advisor on every question that is stuck on your mind until your wedding day.
All other modifications to be made for your wedding dress (sleeve addition, lace addition, corsage lacing, skirt lengthening, etc.) are charged

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A wedding dress like a dream

Duygu Coban Bozkurt, our beautiful bride Oleg Cassini shares her dreams with you. "After a long process of searching for wedding dresses, I found my dream wedding dress in lace details at Oleg Cassini. I organized all the details myself of this wonderful day like wedding invitation, wedding dress, henna night invitation. All the process was very tiring, but it was worth it. "I would like to thank all the Oleg Cassini employees who are very helpful in this process”.

Duygu Çoban Bozkurt

Perfect Love Story

Aynur Sertaç, Oleg Cassini's bride, shares all the processes that she has spent for her romantic wedding day. "I can say that all the process was an adventure. Although I am not a calm person normally all things spontaneously come together in this process. As for all brides, the most important detail for me was of course the wedding dress and accessories. Actually I was thinking of a tailor made wedding dress, but I had not decided exactly what it would be like. From the moment I wore the Oleg Casssini wedding dress, I felt comfortable and happy as it was specially designed for me. I would like to thank Oleg Cassini Cevahir very much for encouraging me. It was all right after I ordered a hair accessory, custom-made bridal shoes and bridal bouquet.”

Eylül Kutay

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